Digital Marketing Services

This is the situation we are living during last couple of years:

  • You go to Linkedin and you will find the traditional Marketing companies hiring a good bunch of UX specialists, developers, mobile architects, sdlc project managers…
  • IT companies are acquiring marketing agencies, and adding new practice to their consulting portfolio.
  • Big corporations are defining the role of CMO, what? yes, Chief Marketing Officer

What the hell is happening?

Digital is transforming the way businesses operate, and marketing business is under a huge transformation. Adoption of digital devices by consumers has unlocked new opportunities (and challenges) for businesses.

In one side we have marketing agencies trying to adapt their business models to the digital world the consumers are accessing to. On the other side IT firms and management consultants have found a new niche to explore and increase their businesses. By the moment there have been some partnerships, but there has not been any major acquisition or partnership.

This is the situation of the traditional market, being in grey IT services and management consultant firms:TBR-digital-business

The market is recognizing 4 main segments:

  • Digital strategy, discovery, analysis… of digital marketing assets, activities, channels….
  • Creative/branding, design, development of traditional and digital marketing campaigns to evolve a brand
  • Advertising & analytics, advertising actions, measure the ROI, look for combined actions, analysis of impact in different platforms, devices…
  • Web / mobile / e-commerce: implementation of specific channels for corporations to satisfy the consumer demand, and put in place the strategies,

For the people thinking that IT is not part of the core processes of a company, this is a good example where with the evolution of the years, an industry which had no dependency on IT in the past, today is core part of the company.

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