Hadoop workshop

Other event in NYC!, where two topics were discussed:

First, Michael Hausenblas from Mesosphere, talked about YARN on Mesos, explaining how to build the environment and all the benefits you get. A quick demo about how to it works was the nice part.

The second, Steven Camina was introducing MemSQL, all features and all you can do. Some interesting comments:

  • Oracle solution is the best in class sql on memory of the market. If you can pay it, go for it.
  • SAP Hana and Oracle takes 90% of the market.
  • They are having discussions with hardware companies to see how they can partner.
  • There are snapshots done for ensuring the consistency of the data. For fast e-trading companies, there could be some inconsistencies that still are not solved.
  • He did a demo of the product with a sequence of inserts and selects. In the demo you can see how the AWS resources are maximized and how the database size grow and grow.


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