Beyond Basketball

Summertime, summer books, and this late summer during a visit to the Barnes & Noble store in NYC I took this book. One chapter, one word, this is how the book is organized, looking for the deeper meaning that these words have for him and remembering some stories related to basketball. Spectacular achievements are always … Read more

OpenSource Vs ISO

During the last 10 years the software companies have jumped to the industrialization thanks to some elements that made that possible. One of them is Open Source. Manufacturing companies developed control organisms for the development of methodologies and standards with different goals: reduce costs, have a common language within the industry, and be compliance with … Read more

Blue/green deployments

Assist to events and learn about products behaviors, their benefits and how disruptive is something is nice. Assist to an event where someone explains you the problems s/he faced is extraordinary. This is what Alec Lazarescu (@alec1a) did yesterday in the AWS loft in Manhathan, discussing about the Blue/green deployments. Behind the Scenes with LearnBop … Read more

Hadoop workshop

Other event in NYC!, where two topics were discussed: First, Michael Hausenblas from Mesosphere, talked about YARN on Mesos, explaining how to build the environment and all the benefits you get. A quick demo about how to it works was the nice part. The second, Steven Camina was introducing MemSQL, all features and all you can do. … Read more