Microsoft chatbot technology

Microsoft Bot Framework

It is composed by 3 components:

  • Microsoft Cognitive Services, where you will use LUIS for interacting with the services.LUI is not a chatbot-, but a language parsing engine.
  • Bot Builder SDK: you can either develop on Node.js or .NET
  • Azure bot: a place to deploy your bots.


LUIS is a language understanding service under the umbrella of Cognitive Services, you can call the services in your bot logic (the code that sits on the Azure Bot workload) to make the conversations more intelligent.

The way LUIS works is that it allows you to define the possible intents of your user, and then you can train LUIS to recognize this intent by providing a few sample phrases.

LUIS will then determine the key elements in these sentences, allowing it to recognize the intent even if it hasn’t seen the exact sentence before.

Azure Bot

This is a PaaS workload in Azure, (just like a Webapp or an Azure SQL DB) that the actual code for the bot sits. You can create and “Host” a bot in an Azure Bot workload.

Bot Connector

This is a service by Microsoft that you can use to register a bot you have already deployed to sort of “Bridge” the connection between the bot and many different channels. Some examples are Skype, Facebook Messenger, SMS etc.

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