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I have been reviewing the visits of this blog and to be honest there is not anything interesting to highlight.

This is the unique visits since 2012 (when I started to track visits):

And these are the visits from 2020:

What happened in 2020?

I wrote this article about DIX and GEX Indicators, in October 2019, and this has become popular to the point that google offers it in the first page.

This has been happening during 2020, but now if you google it, it’s not shown anymore. If you look for it in duckduckgo, then it’s shown.

There are so many visits on this article, but this has attracted other readers on trading activities and Project Management topics.

That’s it, my forecast is that the number of visits for 2021 will decrease. The reason is that I’m investing some time on the Wardley Maps blog and the DIX and GEX article is not anymore in the first page of google.

In March this blog will become 14 years old.

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