Activities & practices co-evolve, but their visibility are different

Best practices use to be more visible than emerging practices, while new emerging activities use to be more visible than the services which are highly present but ignored or not taken into account.

A.- If you’re a New Practitioner

  • Start with the basis
  • Use best practices to orientate him/her self

B.- If you’re an Experienced professional

  • you already know the topic (activity and practices)
  • Use that knowledge to create something
  • It’s required that takes risks, experiment & probably fail
  • It’s not just creating a new activity, but the inception of an emerging practice
  • More than probable that s/he will ignores best practices of previous activities.

C.- Co-evolution (climatic pattern)

  • Components and practices co-evolve
  • On LLMs (genesis) sooner or later a practice will be created, it will be an emerging practice.
  • That emerging practice will enable LLMs to turn into a product.

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