Single european payments area

Better late than never, now learning the basic concepts of the SEPA, I have read the basis from different articles, and I found this useful video, Commitments for February 2014: SCT  = SEPA Credit Transfer SDD = SEPA Direct Debit The corporate companies have to replace their national process by the SEPA ones.  

Access to financial services

Think about ways to access to financial services: credit card?,  go to a bank?,  computer?,  mobile? Yes, but there is more complexity on what you can really obtain, you probably has though about perform payments or get cash. There is more! Micro payment M-Pesa Vortex India Micro insurance Microensure Microsaving Opportunity Fund Financial access birth … Read more


Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC) A calculation of a company’s cost of capital in which every source of capital is weighted in proportion to how much capital it contributes to the company. For example, if 75% of a company’s capital comes from stock and 25% comes from debt, measuring the cost of capital weights … Read more

Dogs of the Dow 2011

Summary of this deck that is so useful to build a good portfolio of assets. For 2011 the dogs of dow strategy worked. It is important to see the evolution during 2012, for instance here.

Record to Report Solutions (R2R)

There is a type of applications for financial processes that is focused on closing period activities. To achieve it, companies invest a significant amount of time, energy and money into the process. My client is one of them and we have provided some solutions that works in this direction: automate as much as possible. Working … Read more

NBA lock out

I played basketball for so many years and for sure I’m interested in almost all that happens around NBA. Since 10 years ago, more or less, I think the quality of the game has decreased; the way they play the game is spectacular in the aesthetic point of view, but not in the basics, I … Read more

Dogs of the Dow

“Dogs of the Dow” or “High Yield 10” is a popular investment strategy that recommends buying the Dow stocks with the 10 highest dividend yields at the beginning of the year. The basic strategy suggests putting an equal amount of money into each of the 10 stocks; although there have been variations that include proportionate … Read more

Working on Financials activities

Some notes I have taken since I have started in my new position about financial activities, Don’t wait for the end of the month, Don’t assume someone else understands the commercial & financial profile, Don’t assume costs come in line with revenue, Do understand the pricing model and terms of engagement, Understand your labour mix … Read more