What is Machine Learning Operations

If you are reading this and you are not me, you should navigate to this link: https://ml-ops.org/ There are so many basis and nice charts that explain What is Machine Learning Operations (or ml-ops). I’m doing a summary for me 🙂 Definition of MLOps The term Machine Learning Operations is defined as “the extension of the … Read more

Year 4, Q2 Machine Learning on kaggle

During Q1 one of the topics have been to learn about Artificial Intelligence, and after reading and listen several podcasts, I have decided that I would like to learn about Machine learning using Kaggle environment: python, jupyter notebooks, examples, a large community, competitions…. I have already completed the python course to refresh my knowledge and … Read more

Machine Learning Planning and architectures

There are multiple types of projects on machine learning, so the phases and steps are different. I will try to reduce to some basic type of projects. Basic project plans (main phases) Machine learning solution based on a Product Technology assessment = 2 – 3 days. Production trial = 8 – 12 days. Application deployment … Read more

Tuning a Machine Learning Model

I continue taking some basic notes of the book “Enterprise Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Managers“. Tuning a machine learning model is an iterative process. Data scientists typically run numerous experiments to train and evaluate models, trying out different features, different loss functions, different AI/ML models, and adjusting model parameters and hyper-parameters. Feature engineering … Read more