HeartBleed vulnerability

Some basis I’ve learned about this issue. OpenSSL is an open-source implementation of SSL.  It is not the only implementation of SSL, and is not even the primary implementation of SSL.  Most vendors have their own implementation of SSL and TLS, which is directly related. OpenSSL is available as an installed package, or as a … Read more

Drupal, some links and pictures

Just some notes/links about this CMS. Acquia is the main company providing end to end support of Drupal. The small business and web community always compares Drupal with WordPress, but their focus is Web Content Management for companies. Strengths: Content Management Framework (CMF), not just a CMS. Security. Scalability. Weaknesses: It’s a frameworks for programmers, … Read more


Looking into the evolution of the home automation, I found OpenRemote, that defines it self as “the professional open source middle-ware for an Internet of Things”. It’s a great idea/system – but I would like to see if this will become an standard so the time the industry invests promotes to have cheap prices and … Read more

Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence Platforms

Some reading for my summer time: Gartner Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence Platforms There are interesting details that helped me to understand the position of Microsoft in this area and the evolution Business Objects is taking. Open source solutions as Pentaho and Jaspersoft are mentioned but not ranked becuase they do not reach the minimum … Read more

Open source Vs non critical applications

For the critical applications of a portfolio, you usually have a clear strategy at short, medium and long term. Clear strategy and probably an assigned budget aligned with the needs. For those non-critical applications you have in the portfolio the solution is not always good, standard, cheap or simple. You probably have a set of … Read more

Pentaho & BusinessObjects

Somebody told me that try to compare both tools. I don’t know how to compare Pentaho with BusinessObjects, I think that is not an useful exercise, you can find tons of functional comparatives. From my modest knowledge, Pentaho is this type of open source tools that have an excellent growth and that reachs a level … Read more