Microsoft chatbot technology

Microsoft Bot Framework It is composed by 3 components: Microsoft Cognitive Services, where you will use LUIS for interacting with the services.LUI is not a chatbot-, but a language parsing engine. Bot Builder SDK: you can either develop on Node.js or .NET Azure bot: a place to deploy your bots. LUIS LUIS is a language understanding service under … Read more

Fintonic, FinScore

I have discovered this page after digging into other concepts. The story goes like this. The banks in Spain classifies the customer with respect your FinScore, that goes from 0 to 900. Fintonic helps you to understand your Finscore and understand how it fits into the market, and it offers you specific products aligned with … Read more

Microsoft Power BI

I have created an account to use Power BI and check how it’s working on. For small amount of data that is just managed by one person it does not make sense. You can use excel and share it through SharePoint Services. “Power BI publisher for Excel” plug-in supports this need. For specific projects where … Read more

Listen your customers

Listen your customers, they call it now Digital Transformation. The ability of an organization to discover, understand behavior patterns and then sell your products/services into that specific population is basically that. Tonnes of PowerPoint flood the web talking about this, but it takes time that organizations rationalize all the marketing stuff and really define a … Read more

Dynamics 365 for Financials

My first experience with Dynamics 365 for Financials: Sign-up: I have had to sign in three times to be able to reach the main screen of project Madeira (sample project) in Financials space. I do not know if it was the creation of the space or the sign-in process what failed, but after that I … Read more

Bank Transformation Toolkit

This framework is used for the major banks to enable the different channels that banks use to have: internal, web, mobile, ATM, … The old name of the product was: WSBCC-WebSphere Business Components Composer. I understand why they have changed the name of the product to BTT. In reality this Websphere component can be used … Read more

Jalios, notes

Jalios offers portal solutions for intranets with a focus on collaboration and document management. Their major competitor is SharePoint. They are working right now on the French market. Notes for my review    

Zuora, subscription model as a service

The world is moving from a product based economy to a service based economy. Some companies born in the subscription model, but others need to transform from their existing model to the subscription based model. So, well everybody knows already that Zuora is an emerging competitor in the market, creating and end to end solution … Read more

QMS software

The project to complete my Bachelor Sciences Degree I was a QMS software, build in Lotus Notes, with reporting done using XML, and on LN5. In 2001 was a good project for my university. I built my modules based on total quality management principles that during the last 13 years have not changed so much. … Read more