ILOG Visualization Products

ILOG was founded in 1987 in France, their core business was enterprise software products for supply chain, business rule management, visualization and optimization. Their best in class product was Business Rules Management Systems (BRMS). In 1997 ILOG acquired CPLEX Optimization Inc. In 2007 ILOG’s acquired LogicTools. This enabled ILOG to be the owner of a … Read more


I found this SaaS company, and watching their videos, I wanted to dig into more details. They are in the “Marketing Resource Management” magic quadrant. Clear pricing tables. Task management, resource management, capacity management, Gantt charts, agile project management, workflow automation… The solution looks for the major productivity at all levels: in the requirement, design, … Read more

AspenTech MES

I did not know that AspenTech have their own MES: aspenONE Manufacturing Execution Systems. The basis of all these solutions is Web.21, a web-based solution for managing the processes and data from an InfoPlus.21 database. It is now an integrated Microsoft-based platform.

Sales and product life-cycle

Today I was reading a huge amount of documentation related to business processes and I had some time to organize some ideas, so I tried to draw it to clarify myself getting some ideas from some pictures I have seen. They can be wrong, please correct me I need to learn!