Working on end-user adoption

We´re working on a project where a solution is implemented on SharePoint. Last week I was on customer office assisting to the presentation of the solution. Apart of the details related to the project, at the end of the meeting I had the opportunity to talk to them about the users and their feeling about … Read more

Business Intelligence Site in SharePoint 2010

The BI site in SharePoint 2010 provides you reports, monitor key performance indicators and allows you to create dashboards that provide a consolidated view of business data. The business problem that my client requests me is to allow the end-user to provide feedback to the SQL database. There are about 50 fields that are updated … Read more

Learning about mid-range activities

V2P process Virtual to physical migration or V2P, is the process where you can migrate an existing virtual machine and migrate its files and configurations into a physical machine. The team is doing it because there are business needs that cannot be done with the VMware farm: this has to be upgraded and the procedure … Read more


I have finished some research where I’m looking for the use of an hybrid solution between SAP + MS-SharePoint.There are so many documentation available in our internal collaborative environment. In addition, to do not limit it to the “my company point of view”. I have found some interesting documents: 1.- SAP workflow approval in BPOS … Read more

2010 Content Technology Predictions

This is an interesting article I want to remind about Content management trends for 2010: Some of the points are interesting and make sense, some others are not relevant. It’s just my oppinion, Other link to remind: