Lesson 4, build a pilot

The curve of evolution of your final solution works very fast in the first month and you have the feeling that everything goes fast. But suddenly the evolution stops and you find in the middle of thousand of adjustments that makes you think: “butterfly effect box” is the right name for SharePoint. So build a … Read more

Lesson 3, development no, implementation

You cannot talk about development, just talk about implementation. SharePoint consultants are mainly clicking and clicking tabs and configuring the black box in different ways. Just one click in one place is going to completely change the behaviour of some aspect that you are going to hate it. You will face things like: if we … Read more

Lesson 2, SharePoint is not Lotus Notes!

Our customer comes from Lotus Notes, they still have it. They are used to have everything they want as they want: I want a button here,…I want an specific work-flow there, I want this specific security in this corner of the screen…. We agreed to do not use Visual Studio, just SharePoint developer. The budget … Read more

Lesson 1, how is SharePoint behaviour

We received yesterday the acceptance of the first SharePoint project I have being involved with the customer I provide services. It has been an important experience for me in all terms. I have a list of lessons learned in my mind that I cannot even write. But I will try to do a polite short … Read more

List with latest major Versions

We are working on SharePoint 2010 trying to provide a web part or a list to show only the latest major versions within a document set which is hosted within a document library. For instance if you have this set of documents: document.V.1.0 document.V.1.1 document.V.2.0 document.V.2.1 Then, just document.V.2.0 should be shown. Do you know … Read more

Configuring Reporting Services for SharePoint 2010 Integration

This is the basic information to use the SSRS integrated in SharePoint, interesting reading for learning. http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb326356.aspx I have to ask about how the Report Server Database exactly works, there are so much things without answer in my mind. Other important thing to be clarify: let’s talk about performance!! The business case I have on … Read more

SharePoint, Business Data Connectivity

Learning about SharePoint BDC, that is an standard functionality that is there in the server, but that the configuration and its start-up is not free in terms of effort. 1.- BDC service provides a means for storing and securing external content types and related objects. An external content type defines the following: A set of … Read more

You requested a project not a simple technical action

Looking into information about SharePoint My Sites I have found this excellent article that talks about the lack of understanding that some customers have about the meaning of the installation of a tool, a feature or the effort needed to have something done. Implementing SharePoint MySites: A Project in Itself: http://www.cmswire.com/cms/enterprise-collaboration/implementing-sharepoint-mysites-a-project-in-itself-009519.php We have received this … Read more

SharePoint 2010, filtered view

The aspect of the view is easy, there are a lot of options to enable the visualization in the right way. The only problem I have faced is within the filtering. I have tried to use brackets to point to other fields (for instance: [field_A] ) with the purpose of showing just the documents where … Read more

MS-SharePoint – Default language for first-time user cannot be German?

In the system we are developing, the default language for user which are using first time the system must be German. At the moment it’s English.​ It looks that this can’t be modified through SharePoint (link). First SharePoint checks if the user already selected a preferred language, if not it is taking the preferred language … Read more