The Back of the Napkin

I have read this book interested in the idea of improving my knowledge in communication skills. I spend so much time building slides and adding some new perspective/style to the slides was other reason to read it. The idea around the book is oldest than the wheel, but the way each detail add a meaning … Read more

The Top Ten Misconceptions for Performance and Availability Monitoring

Great Article to review concepts -> Link You only need real or syntethic user monitoring You can model your environment manually. Monitoring software needs to reside in house. The Configuration Management database (CMDB) is a single physical repository of all knowledge. A Company’s infrastructure monitoring strategy can operate in its own detached silo. You need … Read more

Summary’s Tips

In college I usually used the Summaries for helping me in study. I usually had a summary for each chapter and it was always what I used for reviewing the guidelines of the whole chapter. When I started to use the blog and the internet as tool for my work I always like to review … Read more