The Top Ten Misconceptions for Performance and Availability Monitoring

Great Article to review concepts -> Link

  1. You only need real or syntethic user monitoring
  2. You can model your environment manually.
  3. Monitoring software needs to reside in house.
  4. The Configuration Management database (CMDB) is a single physical repository of all knowledge.
  5. A Company’s infrastructure monitoring strategy can operate in its own detached silo. You need to be integrated to the business needs.
  6. Second or sub-second sampling rates are always necessary.
  7. Monitoring all the available metrics for a system or application is the best approach. Performance problems follow the Pareto’s rule: 80% of the problems are caused by 20% of the components of a system/application.
  8. All Systems in the IT enterprise will be monitored.
  9. Monitoring processes or services for an application suffices. It’s necessary to focus also on services interaction.
  10. Monitoring basic Infrastructure is enough. Architecture & Application are the main causes of performance problems.

Ok, this kind of reminds are very useful but I always have problems when I have to convince a customer spending some time reviewing performance problems that are not clear or they are in the background. What this kind of things happens I always try to:

  • Clarify what is happening in an easy way (no technical words),
  • List the benefits,
  • List the technical actions that will be performed (a check list).

To finish, something that is very annoying is when different business use a shared service and anyone of these businesses want to get the responsibility of a shared performance problem. Where are the corporate responsibilities? Where is the organization?

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