Corporate Social Responsibility

Seeing the news of AIG and the spending of $440.000 in a resort and the words provided as justification: “It’s a standard practice in our Industry”, I would like to review the effect of this fact in terms of corporate social responsibility.

I can understand that this is a standard practice, but the lack of financial resources AIG is living is not a standard problem that happens every 6 months.

  • How the American contributor does feels about how their money is being invested?
  • How the people who are working in AIG and that they probably loose their work feel about the company they work? …

All the actions performed in a Company have relevance in society. In this case the American Contributor is sponsoring the financial problems.

I know $440.000 is really not a relevant amount in terms of solving the problem, but this expense borders the frontier of the ethic.

I know that some of my words sound bad and that real life is not a Project and cannot be handled as a project, but social responsibility that is mentioned in business and projects is so closed to something very important in life: ethic.

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