Enabling conditions for a team

There are some conditions we have to create if you want to have a group of people as a team: Person competence, you need people with enough competences, some of them complementary. Clear & defined functions, for all team guys and clear channels of communication (inbound/outbound). Authority, to decide on some aspects, features, behaviours… that … Read more

Attributes of well defined requirements

List to for reading before define requirements: Unambiguous: Precise and clear with only one interpretation. Consensus agreement. Complete:  Every known aspect is described. Consistent: No contradictions, uniform terminology used. Measurable: In terms of time and cost, can it be estimated? Can it be verified against the implemented solution? Testable: Requirements should be quantifiable. Traceable: Must … Read more

Why PMOs Implementations fails?

I have been reading about this issue becuase it’s important to learn where other failed in order to try to avoid it. Mainly it’s due to different combinations of factors: Understimating scope of organizational change needed, lack of methodology while managing projects, Insuficient time to develop competent proffesionals, Bad timing, Inadequate or insuficient change management … Read more

Start with no

I was looking for an useful book about how to approach a negotiation. I found this one: start with no by Jim Camp. Some notes taken while I have read: You don’t need to close this deal, You “want”, you don’t “need”, Don’t worry about rejection, Do “cold” calls no “hot” calls, Negotiation never ends, … Read more