Visiting NYC

Every time I visit NYC there are two things that are on my to-do list. The first one is looking for shoes as here there are more options than at home. The second one is to visit a book store and spend there at least 2 – 3 hours. In my bag there is always … Read more

Dancing with procurement

Some notes for reminding when you are dancing with your customer procurement department. This is pure negotiation, there is not IT or project logic at this point. There are conditions and a transaction in place. The customer IT lead that requested you the offer, is not the decision maker for a while. He will be … Read more

The art of listening

To listen in a effective manner requires skills, practice and concentration about the process of listening. There are some misconceptions when you are listening, Listening comes automatically; wrong, you have to prepare the communications channel. Everyone hears the same thing; wrong, you can do a session in an audio and after that makes some questions … Read more

How to configure AOL community on Sametime

I have Sametime 8.02 installed and want to remind this configuration. Step 1.- Create new server community 1. File, Create new server community, enter all data below Server Community name: username / password: your aim username password Host server: Server Community port: 80 2. Save. Step 2.- Communicate with AOL and AIM users, … Read more

What a customer looks for?

Suddenly I’m your customer, what am I looking for? You are prepared: do you know your/my industry, you know the business processes, what is/isn’t valuable for us, our priorities, our business initiatives. You know my company: who we are, how we approve/reject projects, where we are investing, who is who. You demonstrate initiative: Be proactive … Read more

Embed a Part of a YouTube Video

Interesting note about YouTube videos that I didn’t know: If you want to embed a YouTube video that starts to become interesting somewhere in the middle, there’s a simple way to skip the boring part. YouTube’s embedded player has a parameter that lets you specify the number of seconds that should be skipped before starting … Read more

Service renewal battlecard

During these months I face the service renewal activities. This summary list just tries to review the concepts to be taken into account during these discussions. A) In general take into account: The previous year consumption. The previous year major activities. Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threads The business challenges for next year. B) Highlight added value, … Read more