Business Productivity Online Standard (BPOS)

I assisted to an interesting business BPOS presentation and the additional services my company adds to this product. Some notes: The use of a sizing calculator to calculate bandwidth, Limit your compliance exposures (SOX….), BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS), Security, Pay per use model, They want to replace Lotus Notes, again 🙂 Questions: What’s the roadmap … Read more

Domino.Doc Vs Quickr

Reading Paul Mooney’s blog I have found this post related to the tittle, and I couldn’t stop writting there. I feel very affected by this inheritance, 🙂 ———————————————–Domino.doc is that tool that all that has used it has hated it (at least a little bit).If you look for technical information in the Internet, there is … Read more

Many Eyes

IBM has published a new product, many eyes, that tries to enter new concepts mixing Social Networking with graphic data procesing. A collection of publicly shared data sets held on the site. All these visualizations are commented as a blog Entry or a forum, you can rate them… One of the most exciting features is … Read more