Automotive coatings, a review

The typical process is that a vehicle takes through a series of immersion or spray baths by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

These baths are: pre-treatment, electrocoat followed by a layer of primer, basecoat and clear-coat.

These five layers protect the vehicle underneath from corrosion, scratches and chips, while also improving its appearance, it is both expensive and time consuming.

Three leading global players are PPG Industries, BASF and Dupont.

The global downturn hit the automotive coatings sector hard.

In part, thanks to incentives introduced by many governments worldwide the industry is facing a more positive picture about the future. In Spain for instance these incentives has increased a lot the sales.

Sales are still very slow and this is going to be a difficult few years, (2012??).

Main goal now: cost and efficiency;


Through innovation: trying to reduce the time required to apply the numerous layers of coatings to vehicles or compacting process technology.

The approach is to remove some of the baths after improve some of the others, so you reduce the time and the cost of the process.

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