The lazy Project Manager

I have enjoyed reading this book, the experiences, the way to face problems, and the approach through the continuous prioritisation following the pareto principle, where in 80% of the cases, the solution requires only 20% of the resources needed to solve all cases.

Just to remind it, the Decalogue proposed for success the lazy way,

  1. Stay ahead of the game, start confidently, dress appropriately and anticipate.
  2. Understand your sponsor, and take clear what they want from you and the project
  3. Manage the project creep, it’s there but it’s manageable
  4. Avoid a communication breakdown through an open and honest, effective communication process that suits each individual
  5. Have fun,
  6. Breathe normally and stay calm, plan, filter problems, delegate and prioritise
  7. Make your project attractive,
  8. Avoid swamping yourself with communication and demands,
  9. Be always in learning mode,

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  1. I did,

    and I followed your recommendation,

    I bought 2 more for some colleagues that will learn a lot from it,

    have a good day


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