Test activities & SAAS

With the appearance of software as a service (SAAS), the test activities of a software disappears!!!

There will be a generation of people who won’t understand what is to be involved in a test phase.

There will be a generation of people who will know what is to be constantly doing proofs of concept in order to check if some software or other fits with their business goals,

but no more tests????

Well, really SAAS tools requires test activities. These complex environments where the SAAS tools are implemented makes the testing activities more complex, so we need new capabilities and tools.

We need to test big load of traffic, users, data transaction…. we need to have the availability of having dedicated servers or shared servers…

We need applications that allow us to generate all the test cases with their elements available for a given web application, the ability to simulate the access of a desired number of virtual users…

With this scenario we will be able to check the performance of:

  • Our systems; network Mb received/sent, CPUs usage, # of connections, memory usage,
  • Our users; average response time provided to all the virtual users, count processes completed, Mb received/sent, clips completed, average durations, errors

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