Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence Platforms

Some reading for my summer time: Gartner Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence Platforms There are interesting details that helped me to understand the position of Microsoft in this area and the evolution Business Objects is taking. Open source solutions as Pentaho and Jaspersoft are mentioned but not ranked becuase they do not reach the minimum … Read more

Open source Vs non critical applications

For the critical applications of a portfolio, you usually have a clear strategy at short, medium and long term. Clear strategy and probably an assigned budget aligned with the needs. For those non-critical applications you have in the portfolio the solution is not always good, standard, cheap or simple. You probably have a set of … Read more

Pentaho & BusinessObjects

Somebody told me that try to compare both tools. I don’t know how to compare Pentaho with BusinessObjects, I think that is not an useful exercise, you can find tons of functional comparatives. From my modest knowledge, Pentaho is this type of open source tools that have an excellent growth and that reachs a level … Read more

IT Support evolution

I had some time and a notebook and I wrote this thinking about the IT service support trends. It seems to be a stupid exercise, but it’s funny to see that the concepts offered yesterday, today and probably tomorrow, all are the same. With the risks and fears of the client, it’s more or less … Read more

MS Azure, scenarios

In March I assisted to a MS-Azure presentation, where I found this examples scenario very interesting, It was a very theorical presentation and it’s so far to the business goals of my client, however it’s interesting to me to listen to these new products.

Automotive coatings, a review

The typical process is that a vehicle takes through a series of immersion or spray baths by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). These baths are: pre-treatment, electrocoat followed by a layer of primer, basecoat and clear-coat. These five layers protect the vehicle underneath from corrosion, scratches and chips, while also improving its appearance, it is … Read more

Open Text (ECM)

Enterprise content management through Open Text solutions is very demanding due to the deep collaboration between SAP and Open Text. SAP DMS seems to not support big volumes and Open Text integration is a recognized alternative that the industry has accepted as good solution: reduce implementation risks, reduction of TCO (of your SAP system), aligned … Read more

Selling SAAS to the wrong people

A drastic way of showing a sales scenario. An IT lead visit one of his providers to talk about SAAS and he comes convinced that cost reduction is one of the benefits he is going to get. His CEO is pushing him to reduce costs and SAAS seems to be the new IT trend will … Read more

2010 Content Technology Predictions

This is an interesting article I want to remind about Content management trends for 2010: Some of the points are interesting and make sense, some others are not relevant. It’s just my oppinion, Other link to remind: