Wardley Map, economic exercise

This picture below was published by Simon Wardley in Twitter and clearly reflects how maps can contribute to do economic analysis of the situations you have in a given scenario. I have done some similar exercise with a plain table in excel with 2 columns with the scenario AS-IS and TO-BE, but this graphical representation … Read more


Serverless is a buzzword It points to the future of software development in a post cloud world. The idea of “Serverless” is NOT about removing the servers completely (or you couldn’t use the internet at all), but essentially paying for services that mean that someone else manages the servers for you thereby reducing maintenance load. It’s … Read more

Etherium ecosystem

Simon Wardley says related to maps: practice, practice, practice… so here there is a practice. The map Development environment Solidity: is quite mature and the community of developers is increasing, there are so many places where you can learn how to develop in solidity, and the documentation is quite good. There are other languages but … Read more

“bi-modal” model constraints

Gartner is advertising “bi-modal”; a “new” way to drive operations and new activities of a corporation. I was reading the idea and the concepts around it and I found it “old” idea, with some propositions that are so nice to have, and that they can be defended on the paper, but that in the reality … Read more

Wardley Maps

Wardley maps continue increasing popularity, now IBM talks about it: “Governments should adopt the Wardley Map approach to help shape their migration to Government as a Platform.” http://insights-on-business.com/government/five-steps-to-happier-citizens/  

How to play the game, position and move

Position and move are essential information you need to put in place a strategy. The strategy is put in place through attacking and defensive actions. In this case, the customer wants to reduce the number of vendors on IT space. We have classified the different vendors depending if they are tier-1, tier-2, tier-3. The picture … Read more

Contract structure

This post talks about contracts = http://blog.gardeviance.org/2015/03/other-tools-i-use-with-mapping.html Points to remind: Good contract structure small and structured contracts Poor contract structure Large contract covering many uncharted components Highly common to cause highly structured processes to be applied to uncharted components. Large cost overruns.

Too much data will not improve business strategy for most companies

I need to remind this post of Simon Wardley’s blog which contains a great explanation of how to define a strategy, how to assess it. “Situational awareness: the strategy always starts from WHERE, then you can clearly articulate WHY you are making a specific choice.” “Using visual representation (the board, the map) to articulate encounters … Read more

Tools for value chain mapping

I already have used these maps, and I continue drawing drafts and ideas in my notebook. The value chain maps are evolving. In one hand you can find an open site were you can create and contribute to the creation of a tool for drawing the maps. http://www.wardleymaps.com/contribute.html Update March 2018 You can find the … Read more