Comcast Technology Solutions

CTS or Comcast Technology Solutions is the division of IT for Comcast. First let’s review the user needs and the ecosystem, then let’s see some of the major services CTS provides. For those not familiar with the TV / Streaming ecosystem you can read this post related to it, I review some numbers, players and … Read more

The Death and Birth of Technological Revolutions

This is a nice article about economic cycles that is good for reminding me how these cycles work: Many of the climatic patterns of Wardley Mapping come from the economic world, and here some of them are explained from a different perspective. Economy has cycles: Evolution has different stages

Building an app on

Thanks to Mark Craddock I discovered that basically enables the people writing machine learning code in python to show the charts, diagrams and tables not on the console but on a web page, so others can easily read the information. I have some code done in Google Colab and it’s great environment for getting … Read more

Year 6, Q2 Elevate the Wardley Maps Course

This quarter I want to focus on the evolution of the course “Acelera tu aprendizaje”. This course started in 2022 teaching during 2 sessions during 2 hours each, with some videos and an exercise between sessions. This format has been tested and has good things and bad things. In December I was thinking about the … Read more

LLMs are the new version of nuclear power.

I continue reading about LLMs and the potential power it has. And I have the feeling the LLMs are the new version of Nuclear Power. I would summarize the current situation as this: Many people is astonished about the potential of these technologies, but almost nobody is thinking about the consequences of it (few people). … Read more

Falcon strategy OpenAI over Google

This is an overview of the strategic pattern named Falcon, proposed by Patrick Hoverstadt and Lucy Loh on their book Patterns of Strategy. Warning: I’m experimenting here. Any constructive feedback is welcome. I will be using the OpenAI Vs Google for this exercise. This topic is already being commented here: Microsoft, Google, Chat GPT, Bard … Read more