Enterprise Applications on AWS: SAP

I can access to the Amazon Partner Network and some of the interesting stuff you can find there is training and product information. I did the one related to SAP, and there are some topics very interesting: SAP invites to use the BYOL (Bring your own License) model for creating environments into AWS. You can … Read more

Blue/green deployments

Assist to events and learn about products behaviors, their benefits and how disruptive is something is nice. Assist to an event where someone explains you the problems s/he faced is extraordinary. This is what Alec Lazarescu (@alec1a) did yesterday in the AWS loft in Manhathan, discussing about the Blue/green deployments. Behind the Scenes with LearnBop … Read more

AWS Business Professional

I have just completed the course AWS Business Professional (Released September 2015) thanks to the AWS Partner Network. It cover all major aspects of the AWS services in a easy way: Value Proposition Products and Services Total Cost of Ownership and Pricing Solutions If you have the opportunity to attend it, do it. (Reading from … Read more

Amazon, 20 years

Wall Street Journal did a infography of the main figures of Amazon with respect its retail competitors during the inception of the company. I want to keep this chart for my memory.

AWS CloudFront

I have started to work with AWS CloudFront with the purpose of improving the time response of the store. Initial expectations: Have an easy way to engage with the services. Integrated and clear invoices explaining the consumed services and unit prices. Training. Concerns: Need to understand how AWS and Google services are evolving in the … Read more

Kindle navigation from Spain

Using my kindle, I tested if I could access to internet and it was a surprise when I was able to access to other sites apart of amazon (last time I tried it, I was not able to do that). The reason was that I had just 3G connection, that just allows access to amazon, and now … Read more

No Wifi, no fun Mr Amazon

I bought a Kindle during my last trip to US. One of the funny things was surfing into the internet. Ok, it’s not a good view, but if you want to read some information or blogs it’s enough, I’m happy! I have comeback to Spain and when I try to navigate I get this message: … Read more