Cloud Economics

I have completed this 3,5 hours training about the Cloud economics. During the course I completed this map, having the customer and its main needs on top, and the AWS capabilities provided down. Screenshots (I want to save for my poor memory)

AWS Well-Architected

One of the sections of “Reaching Cloud Velocity” book is the well architected framework, where so many best practices are explained on the context of the use of AWS. I found this table on this post that summarizes the principles and the current services that are key for each one of the pillars: Update April/2022 … Read more

Digital sovereignty borders

Coming from the post published by Simon Wardley Digital Sovereignty, I was thinking about some way to look at the situation at the right perspective. So here they come some initial toughs about what potentially could come. In my last post Government and Facebook conflicts, I point to some basic conflicts between governments and Facebook. … Read more

Amazon list

This table is an non quantitative analysis of the companies and industries that will be threatened by Amazon. It’s a completely personal opinion that I update from time to time. 2015 Barnes and Noble (Books). Staples 2016   2017   2018 Amazon and other companies start an insurance company (impact forecast in 5 years: 2023). … Read more


The event, This Christmas I went to a friend’s home, they had Alexa at home. At one point I was curious about how it worked and what type of things you can ask Alexa. Play music, ask about weather, add products to the shopping cart, define an alarm to get up… What stunned me the … Read more

AWS Machine Learning for enterprises

Today I attended this webinar to introduce the main components that AWS offers for working on Machine Learning. I like this picture that explains in plain english what is Deep Learning, machine learning and Artificial Inteligence. The main component of the overall solution is SageMaker, which is an integrated deep learning development and deployment platform, launched … Read more

AWS Vs Office365 1 TB

I am looking for 1 Tera Byte storage solution on the cloud and I started to look for it in AWS and Office365. The surprise have been: the price offered by Microsoft: Microsoft 69€/year. AWS: 30,57$/month.

Amazon QuickSight

QuickSight is the Business Intelligence solution offered in AWS. Today, I assisted to a presentation webinar where a demo of the solution was done (as usual this was the useful side of the event). A no-brainier solution for all users that requires a BI tool. You can also use data from your own databases. Spice … Read more