APM, strategy & activities

I work on Application Portfolio Management activities in a simple way.

The first thing is to assess the mix of applications and their value to business.

The second thing is to determine the organization goals that in my case is mainly reduce the cost of applications maintenance and seek the most cost effective IT environment.

Third, how do we evaluate it?

  • Goal Alignment: is an application aligned to the business needs?
  • Performance Optimization: what value do we obtain from each invested $ in the application?
  • Service Mix Optimization: is the platform where the application is deployed the one aligned with the company strategy? is it a legacy application? does it follow the standard processes? is it too customized?

To do all these activities I implement different processes:

  • Application Portfolio Evaluation Review (APER).
  • Service Support Cost analysis (each 6 months).
  • Revision of the business processes of an application: its criticality, its performance.
  • Revision of the strategic platforms: capabilities they offer, how they should be deployed, architecture revisions.

All these activities are part of the long term strategy that we cannot forget. The revisions done under this perspective are very productive when decisions at this level are necessary. At this point they are very appreciated.

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