SAP Business ByDesign

I have had the opportunity during these last weeks to work on a proposal around this solution. This solution is the cloud based ERP for mid-size market, apparently in competition with MS-Dynamics AX solution.

Some aspects I would like to remind are:

1.- The Business by Design Configurator tool,

The tool is very intuitive and you gain good global understanding about the modules and business packages that compose the solution. I miss to see a map of interdependency between modules or processes.

2.- SDK + SAP Store. This initiative is clearly focused to enable that the own market generates their own specific solutions and they also can offer in this store. SAP is not betting about what is the right direction of each module, they work under the Darwin principle where they enable the community to create their own solutions, just the best ones will survive.

3.- Estimation tool. The tool probably is so nice, but the assumptions considered for this approach are not realistic. The only conclusion I obtain is that this will be more budget than they comment. I think the only way to understand the costs is to go through the real purchasing process, as the same way you do when buy a flight ticket.

4.- There is not clear figures about the availability, redundancy… and other operational factors that enable me to understand what I’m trying to purchase. I have not either found the storage available.

5.- I work for a Manufacturing client, and reviewing the specific requirements, I have not been able to find the module/s that cover the “plant maintenance” functionality.

6.- Looking for information in Linkedin groups, I found there is a lot of people looking for pre-sales experts.

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