Limiting beliefs

The dictionary says that a belief is an acceptance that something exists or is true, especially one without proof. The beliefs are the pillars of the expectations. These beliefs are built during our childhood, and after that they become strong and part of our personality. To discover and modify these beliefs is not part of … Read more

The reality of traditional banks

Some days ago I was writing about the challenges of the traditional banks. This morning I was creating an e-mail on Gmail while I was connected from UK and this message came to the front-end of the screen:           Google already arrived to the customer “as a Bank”, no as an … Read more

DuPont Finance Analysis

This way to perform financial analysis started to be done by DuPont in 1920, and it gained a lot of recognition and acceptance. Profitability (measured by profit margin) = Net profit/Sales Operating efficiency (measured by asset turnover) = Sales/Assets Financial leverage (measured by equity multiplier) = Assets/Equity The calculation sequence is as follows: ROE = … Read more

Leadership Vs. Defensiveship

Corporate life is full of management styles: leadership, authoritative, micro-management….I’m able to differentiate other type which I call “defensiveship”. I do not know if this concept exist or if it has other name (probably “defensive behavior” is more correct), anyway! Defensiveship can appear by different reasons: in organizations where middle layers of management are more … Read more

The innumeracy and its consequences

An innumerate is a person unfamiliar with mathematical concepts and methods; unable to use mathematics; not numerate. For instance, the advertisement “The day without  21% VAT!!”, in reality the product price does not decrease 21%, it just decrease 17,36%. In the advertisement it is always shown the 21% making you to believe that the discount … Read more