Guidance to a Manufacturing Operations Lead


Manufacturing operations lead that is overloaded by lack of planning on the evolution of his own role in a scenario of fast growth.


Provide guidance about how to identify, and decide how to articulate his responsibilities in the fast growing scenario they have.


Provide basic knowledge on Wardley Mapping:

  • How to read a map, how to divide the knowledge transfer process.
  • We identified the major bureaucratic and administrative work that have multiplied the time required to get the things done.
  • Many of the decisions done by the person are 100% done by his own understanding of the whole process and criteria, which makes the delegation almost impossible in some of the cases.
  • We divided approval processes into different type of $ dollar ranges and a process of escalation was defined to
  • A person was hired, with emphasis of being a settler attitude type of person.
  • The exercise was done on 2 main use cases, the others were directly done by the operations lead without support.

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