Prestashop, multistore

I am trying to configure a multistore on Prestashop I create the new environment, I configure the virtual address and I can hide modules for this specific store. I can also create categories and products. My issue: I cannot visualize the store, it only shows the top layer. There is not “body” 🙁 I … Read more

Better time response

Now this blog is hosted in a different server, and the result is just better in terms of time response. I came from an average load time of 3,5s to an average load time of 2,15s. The first 2 requests took 1,3s; mainly the web browser waiting for response from server (yellow line). Now this … Read more

Hosting benchmark, bogoMips

When you are doing a hosting benchmark there are thousand common parameters all providers suggest to compete against others (size, bandwidth, #databases… ). The main secret of the providers is the speed. All providers hide this information: CPU speed and number of people hosted on the same server. These 2 parameters can vary, so at … Read more

Who are your IP neighbors?

Time response continues causing me headaches, but I’m discovering causes and differentiating the causes, so I’m progressing in the right direction. The situation now is that pictures are compressed and with a light weight, no code faults, reduced CSS and JS files, CDN activated, cache, etc. It depends on the pictures of the main screen … Read more

Prestashop cache, disable it!

This is the summary, I had to disable the cache from Prestashop. The cache mechanism from Prestashop is a different thing from the CDN. To avoid confusion, I have activated a CDN and this works fine delivering the static content of the store (images, js, css, etc). The  issue is the internal cache system from … Read more

Web time response on WordPress

In April I started to take care of the time response of the WordPress blog. After adding wp-cache, CDN, and check the quality of the code, the results are: 1.- Yslow grade = A, overall performance score = 96 2.- Load Impact: it’s not perfect, but goes from 7.5s to 5s average, and only 2 … Read more

Web time response

I have found a list of pages that enable the users to measure time response in different manners. (PDF reports, history data & comparative) (redundant users analysis) (Page Speed Insights by Google) (time response measure) (Web Page Performance Test) Load Impact site offers a very nice service that is … Read more