Migrate from Lotus Notes to Slack

During these years, the 66% of big companies are moving from Lotus Notes to Outlook as e-mail platform. I am affected by this migration and I can only say that my efficiency has not improved, I really cannot change the way to work or share information… it’s almost the same. What is disruptive it is … Read more

Digital Marketing events in soccer

The soccer teams are running to evolve in their way to reach new supporters and promote new ways of engage with their brands. In May 2015, Real Madrid and Microsoft did it first, they focus on 450 millions of fans. In August 2015, Manchester United and HCL, announced the second major contract at this level, … Read more

Automotive industry trends

Automotive Industry is suffering changes, as other industries: Speed of online purchases from other sectors (electronics, trips, retail, food…) is carrying over to car purchases. It’s very difficult to sell cars on-line and this requires to have car dealers around the geography. More and more people research cars on-line as first step for buying, then … Read more

The reality of traditional banks

Some days ago I was writing about the challenges of the traditional banks. This morning I was creating an e-mail on Gmail while I was connected from UK and this message came to the front-end of the screen:           Google already arrived to the customer “as a Bank”, no as an … Read more

Wardley Maps

Wardley maps continue increasing popularity, now IBM talks about it: “Governments should adopt the Wardley Map approach to help shape their migration to Government as a Platform.” http://insights-on-business.com/government/five-steps-to-happier-citizens/  

Amazon, 20 years

Wall Street Journal did a infography of the main figures of Amazon with respect its retail competitors during the inception of the company. I want to keep this chart for my memory.

The Journey Onward to digital business

I assisted to a webinar with different content on the digital business. Some of the concepts and materials shared were interesting, but some others were not new. This first picture identifies the components of the digital business: the “things”. It’s nice, and it separates concepts and enable you to see along the time or maturity … Read more

Pivotal alliances

The ability to establish partnerships and execute them with a long term win-win strategy is not an easy aspect of the business. Pivotal has a clear road-map for partnerships and reach the final customer thanks to their partners. 2013 EMC & Pivotal: starting on specific deals: GE Joins EMC and VMware in a Joint Venture … Read more