Digital Marketing Services

This is the situation we are living during last couple of years: You go to Linkedin and you will find the traditional Marketing companies hiring a good bunch of UX specialists, developers, mobile architects, sdlc project managers… IT companies are acquiring marketing agencies, and adding new practice to their consulting portfolio. Big corporations are defining … Read more

Welcome to the unicorn club

This article is large, it takes more than 10 minutes to be read in detail but it gives a very good perspective about the software companies over 1B$, the perspective of VC, consumer and enterprise oriented companies, how they are formed and some other data that provides a good perspective of the market. Who … Read more

How to buy IP

Monsanto acquired the Climate corporation, this is the way the big corporations are transforming their companies from IT point of view. There’s not IT, there’s IP that is bought, integrated and developed on an E2E point of view (aka agriculture). Bye, bye generalist solutions and generalist providers. I follow Monsanto and DuPont competition on the … Read more

Average lifespan of S&P companies

Some areas of economy are more predictable than expected. Look at this graphic: The average life of the companies is decreasing. I guess that if we filter this data by IT companies the trend is more aggressive. I think about how the IT market is evolving, the impact of massive growth of small companies that … Read more

Customer facing processes

Before the trends were defined by the companies, Now the trends are defined by the customers, they are not unique, the value of the experience is more and more relevant. This is happening in almost all industries: retail, automotive, tourism, telecommunications, media. The purchase process has changed, people look on-line, visit physical stores, buy on-line, … Read more

General Electric steps

A collection of news to follow-up merge and acquisitions of GE. 2014 November, 5th: GE acquires Alstom energy, in reality the Business Unit that really makes sense for GE ($13.5 billion). November, 6th: GE Money Bank AB (Nordics) sold to Santander Consumer Finance S.A for ±700m€. 2015 January: GE sells equity business, to focus on industrial activities. … Read more

The IT Spending Projections

This Gartner article talks about something I have been commenting with some colleagues several times: the customers are spending less and less money. IT is an industry that destroys itself, and some times or some events provokes the expenditure to be reduced. What the article provides are details and figures that explains the trend. It reduces … Read more

Logistics, 3PL & 4PL

I’m working on a logistics transformation, and it is letting me know the situation of the market with respect the logistics business, where all come from and where all go… Nowadays so many companies outsource part of the processes, typically IT and keep the management activities inside the company. The main question done before to … Read more