Working on Search engine optimization (SEO)

I’m trying to work on the search engine optimization (SEO). I found 2 links and I have followed some of its recommendations. It has worked a lot, now Google finds it with the main key words of the business.

  1. Posicionar Web:
  2. Zona Libre:

The activities I have done:

1.- Validate the URI. I started with 8 errors and now I obtain a green light: “This document was successfully checked as XHTML 1.0 Transitional!”

2.- Add a sitemap.xml file. Before to do this I found the way to check that all links were properly included in this sitemap. (limited to 500 entries) (unlimited)

3.- Add a robots.txt file,

4.- Add the web to DMOZ directory:

5.- Add the web to Google directory: (it’s no longer available, Google closed it). But you can use this URL accessing from your gmail account, and then do a request to add it:

6.- Add your web site to bing:

7.- Take care of all the metatags of the web.

8.- Check the quality of the page, with clear suggestions about what to do (the  best one for me):

9.- Check tool for keywords density:

10.- Complete SEO Analysis Tool:

11.- Other good SEO analysis, screens, directories…. :

Updates from 2014:

12.- Other good SEO analysis, screens, directories:

13.- Test Performance:

14.- Check how the web is shown in different web browsers (19 different browsers):

15.- You can write “cache:www…….” and you can see what Google is caching.

16.- SEO Chat, very good to perform an analysis of the keyword density.

17.- used to look for key words suggestions.

Updates from 2015:

18.- Search Metrics, for competitive analysis:

19.- Soovle, to find short tail and long tail words:

20.- Shopify did a tool to grade your store

4 thoughts on “Working on Search engine optimization (SEO)”

  1. On 9th October the web appeared on the position 77th in google.

    Now (16th October) it appears on the 53th.

    Let's continue working on it.


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