Webnode, feelings

I’m configuring the e-commerce solution, and these are my feelings:

  1. The first steps are very easy and the user experience is quite good. You do not need to go to the help section.
  2. To create/upload products is easy.
  3. The FAQ provided by the vendor is not so much complete.
  4. The way to link one domain to the store is not clear specified.
  5. To buy a domain name is expensive. I had already the domain name in other hosting and the price was 50% cheap.
  6. The forum is complete because people ask problems and they are answered. So many times by someone that belongs to the support team. This section is useful that the FAQ.
  7. There is limitations at the time to pay using paypal.
  8. There is no way to create an external link, I’m not kidding.
  9. There is not inventory management: you can buy products with zero stock, you cannot configure the option to avoid it.

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