New buzzword, Flippening

New buzzword, at least to me

Flippening is defined as an expected paradigm shift in the world of cryptocurrency, where the values of cryptocurrencies are no longer primarily based on the value of Bitcoin.

If flippening happens, it will mark the end of the absolute dominance and special status that Bitcoin has had in cryptocurrency markets ever since its inception in 2009.

Who can provoke it? Etherium, it’s basically the ecosystem that is growing at a considerable speed to provoke it.

Where can I check how is this evolving? For instance:

This page has 2 concerns to me:

  • They do not describe how the calculate the numbers they publish.
  • They do not provide a graph with the evolution during the time they have measured it.

Do you think that flippening will happen?

The extended concept of flippeting is based on the market capital.

In June 2017 it was closed to happen:

Flippening June 2017After that Bitcoin became extremely popular and you perfectly know what happens between October and December 2017.

Now, May 2018 the situation is:

Flippening May 2018Do you think that the flippening effect will happen?

If so, when?

I have no clue, but if I have to do a bet I would say that it will happen in Q1 2019. Why? Because there are so many ICOs published with consistent companies behind investing. Not all will survive, but that volume will be the one that will incline the sclale to the other side.

There is another significant flippening that long term investors are looking for

and it is that the number of token-users overcomes the number of token-traders. This article explains very well all the key aspects that will enable some crypto-assets to become long term investment assets.

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