Linkedin, reinventing the market

Imagine you are the HR lead for a big organization. You know Linkedin is the more used professional network used by the employees. This network manages candidates appliances for other companies (mainly your competitors). And then, you want to know: how many of your employees are applying to jobs in other companies, which countries shows … Read more

Closing the year

2011 is finishing. It’s the first time in 7 years that I stay in the same position during 2 years. It has been important to be here for 2 years, this last one is very challenging and I required time to achieve it well. New challenges are coming, I have to think about them during … Read more

From the position #246 in google

Are you more lost than an entry that is shown in the position #246 in google? If you are there, from my honest oppinion, you are an anonymous person in this great world, and the words you write are not identified as useful by a search engine. Congratulations, you are different!!!

Conversations between to old bankers

Some day like Today, Banker 1: what is that “Cloud computing” stuff? Banker 2: it’s a new place where you move your information managing it with a better conditions. You don’t have to know where this places really is but it’s there. Banker 1: Ah!! so this is like the Cayman Island: it exist in … Read more

F1 races are boring !

If you have the opportunity to watch a F1 race on TV you will see as the interesting things happen: on first lap, when cars enter to change wheels (once or twice a race), if you’re lucky, on last 2 laps (someone breaks the engine). A race is around 80 minutes and just 10 are … Read more

Mobile + solar charger = no more cables?

I have no money to do it and taking into account the speed of the evolution of the technology I suppose all companies are already working on it. I mean about the number of cables we have at home for the mobile phone. I don’t change my mobile phone a lot, but I have had … Read more