If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough

This Abert Einstein’s phrase helped this week to discuss with one colleague while building a sales presentation. The main issue with the presentation was that the concept about what this presentation wants to show was not clear. Once the concept was understood, the model, value proposition… and all te other slides were easy to understand. … Read more

Developing PMO Solution

In the process of developing our PMO solution there have been some interesting exercises that cleared the status of the solution: We made a SWOT analysis which allowed us to understand better our position and the things we need to improve: alternative tools, better knowledge of our local market… We calculated the price of different … Read more

Sales presentation

I continue working on the material for the solutions we are working on. Preparing the sales material is an interesiting process I’m enjoying. First, I have done a presentation with a lot of slides, presenting different ideas, concepts and typical sections these material uses to have. After to review it with the solution manager, we … Read more

The natural growth of processes

All of us have had the opportunity to see how a person, for instance Sam, with some technical skills and desire (or need) of implementing some technical tool that avoids them doing some repetitive task.Sam is responsible of doing it manually, but he quickly creates a spreadsheet where he implements all needs he has. In … Read more

Life Cycle Costing (LCC)

When you work on new solutions for your company, the adoption of a life-cycle costing approach is mandatory. LCC requires decisions during R&D phase. Just at this moment is when you need to start the LCC analysis. A silly example, you are working on R&D and you have 2 designs for a solution; both requires … Read more

Collaborative Industry Evolution

Do you see IBM Lotus as a collaborative platform that will increase its market share worldwide in the coming years? Or do you see Microsoft, Google or a new Web20DotCom to win? Interesting question and better answers -> link In addition, today I had time to assist to “Architecture “Bluehouse” uncovered!” Web Seminar,