I was reviewing how the Vistex add on was installed on SAP and I learned a basic information I did not know: SAINT SAP and other companies offer a wide range of add-ons that you can use to enhance your standard SAP system, it can be Industry Solutions, plug-ins, or customer-specific development projects. SAP Add-On … Read more

Evolving on SAP knowledge

My background is not SAP, but since last 3 years I’m delivering different services as LoS Lead related to SAP. The Service Managers are great professionals and that give me very good explanations about processes, modules, technical aspects… I’m not an expert, and it will take really so much years or a drastic change of … Read more

SAP Landscape Transformation

As usual, it’s better an image than thousand words. This is how SAP LT should be deployed in an organization. You deploy the software in Solution Manager, the sender and the receiver SAP environments. The configuration of SAP LT is done in SolMan. The decision tree is a set of documents you configure with steps … Read more

BPCA – Business Process Change Analyzer

It seems that SAP has found that companies supporting the SAP technical upgrades as Panaya, are doing so well and that now they want their piece of the pie. I have to read more about the Business Process Change Analyzer, but it seems that it covers the main areas that for instance covers Panaya–business-process-change-analyzer … Read more

SAP Landscape Transformation,

We are evaluating this SAP solution for the divestiture activities we are forecasting for 2013. The solution seems to be simple, seamless and holistic, the question for the situation we have goes in a different direction. Last year we did the logical separation of the 2 companies, so some of the great capabilities offered by … Read more

SAP technical upgrade go-live successful

Today is a date to remember. 3rd and 4th August 2012, the day we moved to production the ECC6 version of the HCM environment. Not the end of the project but a great milestone. After the go-live there are some activities for the closing the project, that are: Back-up of the new system, Fix some … Read more

SAP Business ByDesign

I have had the opportunity during these last weeks to work on a proposal around this solution. This solution is the cloud based ERP for mid-size market, apparently in competition with MS-Dynamics AX solution. Some aspects I would like to remind are: 1.- The Business by Design Configurator tool, The tool is very intuitive … Read more

Lessons learned, SAP Technical upgrade assessment

This assessment has been a very accurate exercise for defining the right approach for the technical upgrade, the reasons? Our customer wants to save money on the project. They want to understand how much can be saved in terms of infrastructure investment. They want to fit the solution with their SAP environment, looking for potential … Read more

Learning on SAP upgrades

This is what I was doing some months ago. I was working on a proposal related to a SAP technical upgrade and depending of the person I talk to, a different tools are recommended to me. This is just an initial opinion, probably when I gain more visibility it will be different, but by the … Read more


SAP Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) solutions offer organizations with solutions that address risk management, corporate governance and regulatory compliance. Key points to have in my mind: Understand the impact of Sarbanes-Oxley Control the type or nature of the risks and their volumes International goods (purchase /sell) Enable an approval chart that reply to your organization … Read more