How can I execute this project?

We have won a service contract that includes the execution of two projects: one for the transition of the service to the new organization and the second one to adapt the current environment to some new laws. For the first one, initially there are not big risks that can decrease the SLA during the transition. … Read more

How I trace the Strategic Approach

It’s time to be accountable regarding the work done during the year. In addition we need to prepare the objectives for next year. With it, I spend a lot of time preparing presentations: reviewing objectives, comparing results with baselines, clarifying added value… As always I have to communicate the same message to different audiences, being … Read more

Get strategic about IT as a business value generator

Reviewing some COTs defined by our Customer, there are some of them under a category named: ‘the hackett world-class’. Looking for more information I visited the Corporate Site and as the basic list of best practices was not enough, I tried to get another references from other Web Sites. This business advisory firm, is a … Read more

Globalization at work 2

Unfortunately that day came; our client and our CEO agreed that big part of our services will be provided by India. People now understand that their work can easily done in India, and they regret all the time spent without thinking in adding value. Sorry guys, it’s so late! Now the future is uncertain, but … Read more