My improvement initiative is not moving

Plan a strategy is easy if you assume that all stakeholders are going to accept the changes immediately. But this never is the case; to remove these hurdles you have to plan how to face these change stoppers. Other factor to take in consideration is speed: In the same way that when developing software you … Read more

Business Process Reengineering

Passion for strategy and tactics comes from different origins, some people find it playing chess, some other have a natural talent; in my case the interest comes from the days I played basketball. Companies are in continuous change, and the way they are re-organized is something it always fascinates me. Business change and that makes … Read more

Cobit, a way to track decisions

COBIT is seen by some IT people as a new trend and something we all should have in our organizations, bla, bla, bla… But, who promotes COBIT or other governance models? The answer is easy: The business. They are fed up of spending money on IT transformations, changes of provider, investments on pilots, and any … Read more

Mobility ideas, field services

I have been talking to a customer of crop protection industry and how they are trying to improve their customer support. One of the ideas he was commenting me was the plans they have to improve the service support of the agriculture with smart phones. The agriculture has an smart phone, this added to the … Read more


American Productivity & Quality Center provides business benchmarking, best practices, and knowledge management research. Their mission is to help organizati ons to improve productivity and quality by discovering effective methods of improvement, broadly disseminating findings, and connecting individuals with one another and with the knowledge they need to improve. Very useful information to learn about … Read more

Value chain mapping

I found this concept so much useful for communicating strategic plans.I found it reading Simon Wardley’s blog, that is for me an enormous source of useful information. If you are interested on the concept, visit this post.

SalesForce Vs SharePoint

I have personal aversion on SharePoint and special appreciation on SalesForce. Why? I like the things done in the right way. SalesForce has a strong and aggressive “sales force”, and this is something I do not like too much, but they have a very good product. Their platform is built with a clear projection on … Read more

Industrie 4.0

This week I learned that the German government has launched a program named Industry 4.0. I’m used to see terms as “4.0” in the www, but no in other industries. Then I learned there is a clear definition of the different phases of the industry revolution. We are now in the 3.0 and navigating to … Read more