From "mushroom management" to "light"

During this year one of my goals have been to change completely the management style adopted in the GHPAT. I assumed this role in an atmosphere where all people was misinformed and nobody knows nothing. There was not opportunity to delegate nothing all was centralized in the previous person in charge and from outside to … Read more

Strategic in SIEFs

Some guidelines about the strategy to follow when working in SIEFs, This is a BA work related with all existing processes. Define the changes on the Processes can be easy, integrate the changes can be hard. Define guidelines, objectives and strategy. Develop communication objectives. Participate in SIEFs. Advise businesses on interaction and key decision on … Read more


if you didn’t have enough with the PMBOK, now you can find a new guide for Business analysis BABOK. Other reading for bed reading.


Do you like Excel? Enjoy these templates, from these ones, I have used some ideas from this one. I like the idea of Resource Assignment Matrix, thinking in some projects of the past, it would help me.


You Aren’t Gonna Need It !! How many usefulness features have I developed?? and finally they never were not used! How many hours discussing about extras? The waste cannot be completely removed from the Projects and thanks to good scope definitions & deliverables I have always eliminated the most of YAGNIs, but finally there is … Read more

Technology Service Organizations

Today this post from arrived to my RSS. Reading from one of these links to other link and so on I reach one that really got my attention: PMO 2.0: The Changing Face of Today’s PMO. True, I was influenced by the “2.0” 🙂 But after this, the reading is so interesting. The scenario … Read more

Get strategic about IT as a business value generator

Reviewing some COTs defined by our Customer, there are some of them under a category named: ‘the hackett world-class’. Looking for more information I visited the Corporate Site and as the basic list of best practices was not enough, I tried to get another references from other Web Sites. This business advisory firm, is a … Read more