Dangerous questions

I have sent to a service manager an e-mail with some key points we have to take care for 2011 during the service execution and that are changes to 2010. As answer, I have received: From: Service ManagerTo: myself Hello joapen, Thanks for the update ! This information is useful to me too. Maybe we … Read more

Do you have a problem or a conflict?

Sometimes you find involved in situations where solutions are not reach easily. Why? Sometimes is because we confuse problems with conflicts. Problem: it’s something logic, you can apply an solution for it. Conflict: it’s something emotional, there is some type of personal interference that usually does not allow to find a solution. Take care to … Read more

Funny situation, the queen of ambiguity

This is the excellent e-mail I have received today about a problem of a project: ——————————————–Hello, we’ve a big problem with the project XXXX. In module YYY the basis functionality isn’t covered. The users need the possibility to filter on every field. As John (joapen: John belong to my team no to customer’s team) explained … Read more

Unsuccessful meetings take you to new unsuccessful meetings

The title of this post is moving the management staff of our account. We are working in an environment where, there are thousand of regular meetings with the customer: operational, applications, finance, end user technologies…. This environment makes there are so many relationship with our client, what is very good. Now we are trying to … Read more