How the presentation was?

Today I have assisted to a typical lesson learned that you can read in thousand books. The agenda of the meeting was the presentation of 2 technical solutions for a given business process. The workbench meetings with the client when the solutions were being worked given us some information about what was the preferences of … Read more

How Dubai has managed its communications

This weekend I was reading different articles about the financial problems appeared in Dubai. If you remember the what happened in Bangkok construction turmoil, then you know what I talk about. The interesting issue mentioned in some of the articles about the Dubai finance disruption is the way the communication has been performed. They provide … Read more


Communicate, communicate, and communicate… This is what I do every day. If I ignore this fact 2 days it comes to me in form of a misunderstanding and then I need to repeat the message again. Sometimes I think that I do not communicate properly or that I don’t get the attention of the people … Read more

Stakeholder Management

Some lines extracted from The handbook of Program Management by James T Brown. Stakeholder management involves everything necessary to control relationships with all individuals the program impacts or affects in order to ensure the achievement of program objectives. Program managers must mentor & coach projects managers in terms of stakeholder management. “Hell hath no fury … Read more