All Conditions changes (financial for instance)

Working on Projects with financial complexity is being harder with the financial crisis. If you were thinking that financial constrains are fixed, you are wrong. At least for me they are not. Even the big agreements are being revised. I have more work to do, but really risk control and financial departments are the ones … Read more

Performing Project Tailoring

You have just received a new potential project and you start working with it. You have business requirements, backgrounds, a brief list of some stakeholders and a lot of questions. As not all projects are the same thing, the project tailoring is the process that will allow you to identify the category of the project, … Read more

ITIL Foundations v3

This week I have assisted to a training about ITIL foundations.The session started as a bored teorical training session about a framework, and taking into account that all the concepts were known by me, the first hours were hard.I was sitted with a colleague that also know CMMI so we were all the session relating … Read more

Collaborative Industry Evolution

Do you see IBM Lotus as a collaborative platform that will increase its market share worldwide in the coming years? Or do you see Microsoft, Google or a new Web20DotCom to win? Interesting question and better answers -> link In addition, today I had time to assist to “Architecture “Bluehouse” uncovered!” Web Seminar,

Subject Matter Experts (SME)

One colleague commented me that he felt as an IT expertise that only can provide service for one specific niche in the world of the technology. My answer was not so much positive: aren’t almost everybody in the same situation? Once we laughed about it I asked: Are you increasing your knowledge apart of your … Read more

The Back of the Napkin

I have read this book interested in the idea of improving my knowledge in communication skills. I spend so much time building slides and adding some new perspective/style to the slides was other reason to read it. The idea around the book is oldest than the wheel, but the way each detail add a meaning … Read more

How I trace the Strategic Approach

It’s time to be accountable regarding the work done during the year. In addition we need to prepare the objectives for next year. With it, I spend a lot of time preparing presentations: reviewing objectives, comparing results with baselines, clarifying added value… As always I have to communicate the same message to different audiences, being … Read more